If you are looking to invest in your future, you can start by investing in a trust deed with J. Avila & Company. The first trust deeds we offer have historically delivered returns of up to 14% and we ensure each trust deed we offer is backed by underlying collateral, which covers a significant part of the amount invested.

When offering a trust deed, J. Avila & Co acts as the principal borrower and also contributes a significant down payment in this regard. This ensures we and the investor have aligned interests. We are pleased to state we have a 100% on-time performance metric for our current portfolio.

Over the years, we have created hundreds of first trust deeds, worth millions of dollars, with select investors. The best part is our investors have never had a loss, as all our deeds have proven successful for our investors. Moreover, the returns are superior to what you get from conventional investment options, including CDs, REITs and stocks. All investors who partner with J. Avila retain control of their trust deeds, ensuring their interests are protected.

Trust deeds offer a great investment opportunity for you, regardless of whether you want to secure your financial future after retirement or are looking for a low-risk, high-return investment vehicle.

Bank On Our Experience

  1. Avila & Co acts as the primary borrower and provides investors the opportunity to put their money in a deal which is potentially lucrative. Our experience and expertise in the field enables us to identify the most profitable opportunities and we have made hundreds of similar deals before, but we are not brokers or lenders, which means we don’t walk away after charging a fee. We have our own money tied up in the properties under the First Trust Deed with our investors, ensuring them a return on their investment while any losses are ours to bear, not our investors’.

Our risk is much greater than that of the investors, ensuring they can invest their money without risk in real estate-backed loans. We are professional real estate investors and partner with investors to put money into highly researched and analyzed trust deeds. We leverage our capital to invest in a range of real estate opportunities in the growing market.

  1. Avila & Co uses your funds for purchasing, rehabbing and reselling distressed properties. We purchase saleable properties, upgrade them through repair and improvement, and then flip them for a decent profit. We pay a premium for using the funds to ensure the investors don’t bear any concern with regards to the reliability and speed of the capital. A major reason why investors use borrowed funds is their short duration.

Using our services to invest in trust deeds will prove to be a sound and wise financial decision down the road. You will enjoy the rewards for years to come. Your investment enables J. Avila & Co to create new opportunities for real estate investment. It is a win-win proposition for you and for us!