Trust Deeds as Retirement Investments Fresno California

Trust Deeds as Retirement Investments Fresno California

Trust deeds offer a low-risk, high-return investment option for your retirement fund.

Generally, investors planning for their retirements have their money in IRA or Roth IRA, but that doesn’t mean you cannot invest in trust deeds. In fact, the IRS has laid down a provision through which you can invest your retirement funds in trust deeds without any penalties.

This way, you not only benefit from the performance of the trust deed you are investing in but your earnings will be either exempt from tax or tax-deferred as they will go straight to your retirement account. J. Avila & Company can help you invest in trust deeds using your retirement funds. With our experience and expertise, we can guide you towards the best trust deed investment opportunities that are secure and offer a high return.

Low-Risk, High Returns

At J. Avila & Company, we give you the freedom to select the loan you want to invest in. In other words, you become the lender on your own terms. You can rest assured the investment opportunities available to you when it comes to trust deeds are low-risk and offer a high return. The interest generated on your trust deed will be added to your IRA account on a monthly basis, money which you can re-invest with our help. We also provide you the convenience of tracking your investment easily by contacting our consultants or through our website.

Historically, the trust deeds in which investments are made through J. Avila & Company show an annual return of up to 14%, which is much higher than you can expect from CDs. Moreover, the risk you entail is lower than if you invested in stocks. It’s a win-win situation for you. Over time, your retirement fund will grow at a decent pace while the principal amount you invested remains safe. It is a great way to secure your financial future after retirement.

Just to give you an idea of how great this option is, let’s look at an example. Let’s say you invest in a trust deed at the age of 30, using $50,000 from your IRA. By the time you turn 65, considering an average rate of return of 11%, the minimum for our trust deeds, you will have $1 million. Keep in mind we are not hypothesizing. People have benefitted from investing their retirement funds in trust deeds through us.

Of course, eliminating risk altogether from trust deed investing is not possible, but considering the high returns, no investment option is as attractive. Moreover, you can diversify your investment portfolio without having to bear any additional risk. The stability of this investment options will help secure your financial future.

You receive a fixed rate of interest when investing in a trust deed which spans the entirety of the loan duration. The level of security for your investment is high, but it becomes optimal when a trust deed matures.

So, if you want your retirement fund to grow at a higher rate than the market average, investing it in trust deeds through J. Avila & Company is the perfect option. Get in touch with us now to discuss your options.

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